A startling message for America's leaders!
The new millennium finds the community of nations in crisis mode. Greed, corruption and violence are setting the stage for global conflict and a new world order.

God has dispatched an ancient Hebrew prophet to address the issues with America's leaders.

Will his words resonate in the seat of power or will they be a harbinger of impending judgment?

Author Duron Lowell Davis brings this intriguing proposition to life on the pages of OBAMA'S PROPHET. [186 pages]
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Wake up America! If you think we're not in trouble...check out the DEBT CLOCK,  then...come back here and purchase this book! It will open your eyes.
The Whore of Babylon
That Mammon Thing
If the Shoe Fits
Redemptive Economics
The Devil and His Old Suitcase
Mammon Christianity
How Shall We Then Live?
Breakfast with the President
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Duron Davis on National Economic Sins According to the Bible: In a new twist on the message of Goethe's famous play Faust, Duron Davis, in 2012, has released a non-political book entitled Obama's Prophet. This fictional tale is laced with good natured humor which surrounds the premise that Obama has sought out the old prophet Hosea living now in Israel for advice. (SEE ENTIRE BOOK REVIEW HERE.)


Hi Duron...I am reading your book & it sure sheds a lot of light on some things going on in our country. I appreciate the committment it took for you to write it. I will be praying for God's will for it.

David Jordan
Griffin, Georgia

The author's use of highly intelligent characters and a plot that moves along smoothly makes it hard to put down.

Ramsey Nally
Cartersville, Georgia

Your book arrived today and I read it in one sitting...about 3 1/2 hours. Terrrific! I believe it is going to sell. The message is so powerful and so needed. Thank you for letting us help you publish this important book.

Gene Gurganus

"Thank you for the book. You say some of the most profound things that I have read lately. The book kept me excited page after page."

Dr. Gene Winfrey
Loganville, Georgia